TES 6.2 was released on May 22nd 2014 and wow what a release!

June 3, 2014

We are excited to be onsite with a new customer implementing this new version of TES that promises to bring back the 5.3 like desktop performance and with such a major release we wanted to highlight some of the things we found exciting.

Java Client

TES 6.2 offers a desktop-like client experience with the introduction of a light-weight Java client that has all the base client functionalities, except for Business Views and a few adapters.

The Java client can be installed as a standalone application or can be launched through a URL from the TES Master.

Multi domain AD/LDAP Authentication support

TES 6.2 allows a single instance of Client Manager and Master to be configured to authenticate users across multiple AD/LDAP domains.

Runtime Users for TES Workgroup

A new Runtime Users tab is added to the Workgroup definition dialog where runtime users can be associated with the workgroup.

Web Client Performance and Usability Improvements

Client Manager data layer and the web client user interface (UI) have undergone significant design optimizations to offer multi-fold increase in UI response time

Ability to terminate user sessions

TES 6.2 allows users to terminate user sessions by right-clicking the user sessions displayed in the master status connections tab and choosing the Terminate Session option. The user must have the right to assign security policies to perform this function.