Operator Training

Designed for NOC/ Operations personnel who monitor for job successes and failures. Also intended for users new to TIDAL. This single day, interactive course focuses on the operational features and functionalities of TIDAL, enabling companies to optimize enterprise schedules and operational efficiency.

Intermediate Training

Designed for those already familiar with TIDAL’s basic concepts. Ideal for users who create the jobs and scheduling logic for an organization, this course goes deeper into TIDAL’s features. Also ideal for DevOps personnel, IT Architects, persons involved with file transfer. This two-day interactive course increases user knowledge of the primary features and functionality of Tidal Automation Scheduler, furthering your company’s ability to optimize your enterprise scheduling solution and strengthen operational efficiency.

Advanced Training

Intended for TIDAL Power Users only, this course goes in depth into advanced job scheduling concepts. This one-day, interactive course focuses on the advanced features and functionality of Tidal Automation Scheduler and on addressing real-world scheduling problems.

Administrator Training

This course is for Infrastructure Administrators responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting, and keeping the TIDAL system up and stable. This one-day, interactive course focuses on installing and configuring TIDAL Automation Scheduler. Typically bundled into our upgrade services to ensure training is conducted in a real world situation.

Transporter Training

Developed for job developers and/or TIDAL Administrators who promote jobs between DEV, QA, and PROD. This half-day (remote) or one-day (onsite), interactive course helps companies Simplify and expedite Tidal Automation Scheduler workflow database migrations by learning how to fully use the deep functionality of Transporter.

Security Course

Developed for InfoSec, Compliance, and TIDAL Administrators seeking to master how to add layers of security to their deployment. Also popular with those considering a move into the cloud (AWS, Azure, Oracle Public Cloud). This one-day, interactive course focuses on the advanced security features of TIDAL Scheduler allowing customers to take full advantage of the granular user control TIDAL has to offer.