Technology Services

Our technology services are second to none as we work with seasoned employees and best-in-class third party vendors. Below is a representative list of the services offered.

  • Performance and Troubleshooting Enhancements
  • Tidal AutomationTM Upgrade Service
  • Tidal AutomationTM Implementation Services
  • Custom Automation API development
  • SAP, PS, Informatica, Oracle, MSSQL Adaptor Integrations

Operational Optimizations

At BlueHouse, we understand how critical your day-to-day technology health, efficiency and overall optimal workflows are to the success of your enterprise. Below are our core offerings to help make sure your business is not impacted or hampered by technological flaws, dead-ends, or roadblocks.

  • Tidal AutomationTM Assessments
  • Customized Training Program
  • Best Practices
  • Quarterly/bi-annual health checks

Managed Services

We have a variety of managed and on Demand TIDAL 360TM services to meet your needs both from a budgetary position as well as the needs of your operations. Below are the Managed Services we offer. Please contact us to find out more about a hosted Tidal AutomationTM solution for small businesses.

  • Tidal 360TM - On Demand Operational and Support Services
  • Tidal AutomationTM Hosted Services
  • Operational Support
  • Tidal AutomationTM Premium Support