Automation environments handle complex file processing tasks that are developed on a one by one basis causing confusion in the enterprise. The goal of the automation tool kit is to simplify those complexities by providing the base functionality of the most common file tasks in a constant repeatable solution.


Copy multiple files using wildcards
Copy files via folder traversal using wildcards in folder / file names
Copy entire Directory from one location to another
Filter/Exclude source files based on size
Filter/Exclude source files based on name
Create destination directories as needed
Copy source files into multiple destinations
Process files based on size filtering (LT, GT, EQ size in bytes)
Process files based on last modified date/time
Copy files into destination using NT credentials
Generate destination file names using source file name parts (First, Last, Mid char parts)
Generate destination directories using source file name parts (First, Last, Mid char parts)
Run until source files exist for processing
Validate text files by scanning the existence of content
Work on both windows and unix platforms
File stability checks using modified time and size differences

The automation tool kit can be extended and customized for specialized processing to match the needs of individual customers.

At BlueHouse no job is too big! We have developed and suppported web applications for companies in the Fortune 500 as well as many multibillion dollar international Direct Selling companies

xNetCRMS – Expert Network Consult Management System was developed to assist investment firms with the regulatory requirements involved with working with networks.

eNewsLetter – High volume email campaign management system designed to integrate into a clients system to generate millions of emails per hour

SSRS report integration – Integration system to allow SSRS reports to be executed vis TES and distributed to end users。

Aside from our expertise in Tidal Enterprise Scheduler, we also offer a variety of products for your enterprise and cloud solution

Stand up Cisco Cloud Starter Edition
Cisco Intelligent Automation Cloud (CIAC)
Cisco Cloud Portal (CCP)
Cisco Services Portal (CSP)
Cisco Process Orchestrator (CPO)